EUNO• is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that looks to become a leading payment medium in tomorrow’s cashless society by supporting near field communication (NFC) mobile payments in everyday purchases as well as wallet to wallet transactions, through secure and easy to use applications.  EUNO•  was developed with the aim of tapping into core elements that have so far hindered public use, while not compromising the key features that make cryptocurrencies a revolutionary technology: decentralized, trust-less, immutable, and incorruptible.

EUNO• is a self funded and community focused project that was developed by an experienced team in the cryptocurrency space, which intends to guide the project’s progress in its early life and continue to gradually transfer governance duties to its users and community in order to achieve full decentralization. Along with a unique protocol to incentivise use in daily transactions, the structure of EUNO• coin is designed with security, usability, wide public acceptance and fair distribution in mind.

Technically, EUNO• combines solid security features building on previously developed cryptocurrencies that have succeeded in addressing network vulnerabilities and minimizing incentives for malicious attacks. From a user’s perspective, EUNO• is a privacy-by-choice coin focused on a user friendly experience through platforms and tools that would support commercial exchange with minimal requirements of operational knowledge and merchant infrastructure. EUNO• is furthermore built with an aim to survive independently of its founders in the longer run, embracing a community-driven governance structure to promote transparency and flexibility, which would facilitate adaptation to the future technological and financial needs of the market. Finally, and in terms of drive to exposure and user acceptance, We introduce into the cryptocurrency space the Adoption and Convergence Incentivized Distribution (ACID) protocol, a technical innovation that aims to incentivize commercial use and wider coin distribution enabled by EUNO• Masternodes.

The ultimate vision of EUNO• is a widely accepted and extensively distributed digital currency, to be used by consumers for online commercial exchange and in over the air (OTA) near field communication (NFC) point of sale (POS) transactions, with minimal requirements of consumer technical expertise and integration processes by merchants.


General Information
Block Reward 30 EUNO
Block Time 120 Sec
Recalculated Difficulty Every Block
Transaction Confirmation 10 Blocks
Mining Maturity 15 Blocks
Masternode Collateral 50,000 EUNO
Masternode Reward 80% from PoS
Min. Stake 72 Hours
Ticker EUNO
PoS Rewards
From Block 1 5 EUNO
From Block 550,000 33.5 EUNO
PoW Rewards
From Block 250,000 to 500,000 9 EUNO
From Block 500,001 to 800,000 4 EUNO
From Block 800,001 1 EUNO




EUNO• masternodes are nodes that support network integrity and play a key role in the currency’s ecosystem, enabling Darksend transactions and permitting operators to vote as part of EUNO•’s community-driven governance structure. In addition, EUNO• masternodes will in the future support the currency’s use incentive and distribution system by financing the ACID protocol. In return for supporting the network, masternode operators receive rewards in a decentralized manner based on the number of operational masternodes at the time and the reward system described under EUNO• specs. Intended under-the-hood improvements to EUNO• masternodes involve adjusting the voting and rejection systems to restrict miners who prove unreliable team players from voting on which masternode will receive the reward, and rejecting their block when they refuse to pay a masternode.

Road Map

As an open-source and self-funded project, this roadmap presents a general guideline on the intended development of EUNO• coin into one of the most reliable and used cryptocurrencies. Please keep in mind that specified dates are subject to change based on priorities, unplanned developments and new ideas put forth and elected by the EUNO• governance team. Above all, EUNO• prizes transparency and community trust. With that in mind, any changes that may impact the development or strategic course of EUNO• coin will be announced to the community beforehand.


Releases will be announced on the EUNO• website and social media platforms. Please make sure to confirm that any development or announcement regarding EUNO• comes from one of its official outlets to ensure its validity. The EUNO• team will under no circumstances provide financial or investment advice.


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Core Team

Patrick Bateman

Director Of Operations

Patrick is a highly motivated go getter who currently serves as EUNO•’s Business Development Director. His professional background is in the financial sector, and has for years held upper management roles for top American multinational conglomerates. Patrick is responsible for the business relations and project management of EUNO•. His business acumen and tenacity allow him to negotiate and secure deals with EUNO•’s best interest in mind. He makes it a point to always be easily accessible to anyone with any inquiries of any nature. Patrick is extremely dedicated to EUNO• and its progress and is absolutely obsessed with doing his part to ensure the success of EUNO•. When Patrick is not working on EUNO•, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing video games with his younger brother and reading about various topics in science, technology and cryptocurrencies. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth, and reads countless books on leadership and entrepreneurship in his down time. He loves the EUNO• community and his second family, the EUNO• core team. Patrick looks forward to what EUNO• will become in the years ahead.

Emanuel Goldstein

Marketing Director

Emanuel serves as the Marketing Director of EUNO since it’s inception in 2018. He works on new outreach promotions, project/vendor relations, and long term growth of EUNO. He has worked on a variety of blockchain and crypto projects in a marketing capacity for the last 2 years and had been supportive of cryptocurrency communities since 2013. His favorite hobbies include instant photography, Craft beer/Spirits, and attending live theatre. He currently works full time in the San Francisco Bay Area managing IT projects for a high tech firm. Emanuel wishes his beard was as popular as Andrew’s.

Eugen Norman

Quality Assurance Manager

Eugen is a multimedia and graphic designer for EUNO•. Eugen’s experience also includes masternode setups and finding solutions for complex structures in EUNO•’s ecosystem. Eugen is experienced in 3D software, AutoCAD, Solidworks and CATIA. Academically, He holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently works as a Project Manager for a small German Engineering company. With his creativity and keen interest in new technologies, Eugen is always looking for innovative solutions in EUNO• and his professional life outside cryptocurrencies.

Jessica Alesky

Lead Social Media and Community Outreach Manager

Jessica is a driven core member that is currently Lead Social Media and Community Outreach Manager. She helps provide updates for the community via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. She has been extremely active in the community from the early days of EUNO•. Her creativity and call to action is what makes her stand out. Brand awareness, engagement content creation and analytics for social media are her strongest suit. She currently works full time in a construction company and outside that, is always looking to improve her knowledge and experience in Blockchain technology through online learning platforms from prestigious institutions.

Roger Beaumont


Roger is EUNO•’s bot programmer. He is the mind that has made the community’s sweetheart, Euna into what she is today, bringing fun and knowledge to the community about EUNO•. Roger is very passionate about blockchain technology and the hardware that supports it. With his background as a hardware/software engineer, core members can always depend on his vast knowledge to find solutions for any challenge.

Robert Breen

Business Lead Generator

Robert has been an entrepreneur in heart and soul since 2004. He runs several companies in diverse sectors, has a no-nonsense mentality and a gift to recognize opportunities and achieve commercial goals. His interest in blockchain started in 2014 and in 2016 he made his first purchase. During this period he befriended several of the now Euno team members, and his passion for cryptocurrencies continued to grow. His role within EUNO entails recognizing commercial opportunities, targeted promotion to influential individuals and enterprises and finding deals that help EUNO reach wider exposure and adoption. He has a diverse accademic background in marketing and sales, sociology and psychology.

Iskandar Zulkarnaen

Lead Multimedia and Graphic Designer

Rekt is EUNO•’s extremely passionate and driven designer who thrives on perfection and leaves an unforgettable touch in each and every project he works on. He is active as part of the EUNO• community and is always available to help out new members. Rekt is experienced in Adobe products from Illustrator to Photoshop to After Effects. He creates quality work running several projects simultaneously on tight deadlines and always manages to deliver his best. On a personal, Rekt is one of the friendliest and most approachable people you will ever meet and is always eager to learn and grow as part of the team.

Lee Watson

Director of Community and Business Outreach

Lee is currently the Director of Community and Business Outreach for EUNO•. He oversees and works closely with the graphic designers in creating EUNO• merchandise. With his cool creative approach, Lee is constantly coming up with great ideas to offer to the EUNO• community. Lee steps up when needed in social media outlets and provides the community with wallet support 24/7. Before crypto, Lee helped out in charity work and continues to be a peer advocate for mental health services. Lee has also previously worked in the financial and insurance sectors.

Robert Douglas

Technical Documentation Writer

Supa Dupa Doug is just that… An Electrical Engineer by day and crypto enthusiast by night. As one of the core team’s Technical Writers, Robert simplifies the technical and creates reader friendly articles for all. With years of experience as a Product Engineer and Validation SME, Robert serves as a Swiss army knife to the team, providing product guidance, design input, and a different perspective on all things EUNO•. Supa, as the team calls him is a native Texan, loves to BBQ, loves the COWBOYS, and loves his Family.

Stevie Brouwers

Developer and Webmaster

Stevie is EUNO•’s web developer and has put the EUNO• website together, and is constantly looking for ways to leave a lasting impression to current and potential EUNO• supporters. Stevie holds a decree in Internet and Security and currently works as a Systems Engineer. Outside work, Stevie has a wide range of interests including web design, soccer, and aerial photography.

Banki Moon

Strategy and Documentation

Banki M. is a policy expert and economist who has worked for over 12 years with governments and international organizations, advising on public financial management, policy reform and financing for development. His knowledge on the limitations of centralized systems in terms of efficiency and the promotion of equity drives his passion for community-driven decentralized structures and feeds his understanding on the potential of permissionless peer-to-peer blockchains. As part of the EUNO• team, he uses this knowledge to contribute to the strategy and structural design of EUNO• coin with the aim of helping it achieve wider public acceptance.


Infrastructure and Dev Ops

Angel is the core developer for EUNO• coin, managing infrastructure and development operations. Angel is the man responsible for the EUNO• Blockchain, and all developments and updates to the EUNO wallets and functionality. Angel’s academic background is in Software Development, Nuclear Power Engineering and Information Technology. When he is not making sure that everything is running 1000% percent – which is very rare – Angel likes to play daredevil riding his dirt bikes over the highest peaks of Bulgaria.


Project Management

Andrew is experienced and passionate about all aspects of Blockchain, bringing his knowledge in marketing, community management, graphic and web design, media creation and technology to the EUNO• Team. Outside the cryptocurrency space, Andrew has used his expertise for over 20 years helped numerous projects and companies develop and market their brand and image. In his local community, he contributes to the rehabilitation of previously convicted individuals by helping them establish themselves and assimilate back into the community and work environment. Also.. Andrew has the best beard of the EUNO• Core Team. (followed closely by Banky).

Dami De Santos

Social Media and Community Manager

Dami has a strong and diverse academic background in marketing, social media, retail and business management. From an early age, Dami kick-started a personal business, which he ran for four years before selling to a major retailer. In crypto he contributed his skills as a freelancer in several marketing and social media management roles. The knowledge which he has accumulated over his years of experience in the cryptocurrency space allows him to play a vital role in EUNO•’s community and social management. You’ll find him on telegram from the moment he opens his eyes till he closes them late at night. (His wife can attest to that).

Arjan van der Wal

Applications and Governance Developer

Arjan is a web developer who specializes in custom-built web applications, using PhalconPHP, VueJS and AngularJS. He joined the EUNO team after having been a long-time community member and constructing the EUNO voting portal on a voluntary basis and with great passion. Arjan is married to a – by his own admission – cuter partner and has a two-year old son who likes to go to the carwash every saturday. When he is not working on company websites, EUNO or hanging out with the EUNO comunity, Arjan likes to play Age of Empires and invites you to join him in battle.



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